In order to effectively address the issues raised, the work program is separated into two work packages:

The two work packages are strongly interrelated. For the realisation of several of the activities, the contribution of both project teams is necessary. Overall, the project team of WP 1 (the research coordinators of LUCAS) is responsible for all research-related aspects of the activities (i.e., methodology, data processing …), whereas the project team of WP 2 (the project coordinators of Action for Teens aisbl) is responsible for all organisational aspects of the activities and communication, dissemination … of the project. The figure below summarises graphically the work plan of the two work packages.


Work Package 1



Research aspects of the joined activities

Answer questions 1-9

- Literature review
- Data analyses
- Input of consultation rounds, consultation survey,
and discussion rounds

Joined activities


Consultation round 1

Consultation round 2

First expert symposium

Workshops 1-4

Consultation survey

Second expert symposium

Scientific report


Work Package 2



Practical/organisational aspects of the joined activities

Extend the network of experts and key stakeholders

Awareness raising and capacity building activities

Communication, visibility,promotion,and dissemination

- Input of discussion rounds