Workshop for End Users Held in Rome


On March�17th-18th 2015, ADOCARE held a Workshop in Rome�for End Users working in the field of adolescent mental health, from different European countries. The first day of the workshop we gathered youngsters, families, people working on patients� organisations and parents� organisations to actively participate in the discussion rounds to reply to questions such as:

-How to solve the problems with AMHC?

-What would be a youth-friendly support for adolescents with mental health problems?

-What characteristics should professionals have?

-What can governments do to improve mental health in young people?

In the second day, we had presentations on existing good practices

Together with raising awareness on the need of mental health care for young people, this workshop was aimed at gathering input and experiences to formulate guidelines and recommendations to improve and enhance the establishment of high quality mental health care for adolescents across Europe.


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Adocare Workshop End Users
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