Scientific methodology and Work packages.

In order to effectively address the issues raised, the work program of ADOCARE is separated into two work packages: � WP 1: Research � WP 2: Awareness raising, exchange and consultation, capacity building, dissemination, promotion.

The two work packages are strongly interrelated. For the realisation of several of the activities, the contribution of both project teams is necessary. Overall, the project team of WP 1 (i.e., research coordinators) is responsible for all research-related aspects of the activities (i.e., methodology, data processing �), whereas the project team of WP 2 (i.e., project coordinators) is responsible for all organisational aspects of the activities and communication, dissemination � of the project.


Work Package 1


Research aspects of the joined activities

Answer questions 1-9

- Literature review
- Data analyses
- Input of consultation rounds, consultation survey,
and discussion rounds

Joined activities


First expert symposium

Consultation round 1

Consultation round 2

Workshops 1-4

Consultation survey

Second expert symposium

Scientific report


Work Package 2


Practical/organisational aspects of the joined activities

Extend the pool of key stakeholders

Awareness raising and capacity building activities

Communication, visibility,promotion,and dissemination

- Input of discussion rounds